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When saving my Payouts API credentials, I'm getting an error that states, Error connecting to PayPal. Please try again.

Generally this means there is an issue with you API credentials.  We suggest going back to your PayPal developer account, and recopying your API keys.

My Payout shows as Pending, even though the vendor has already been paid.

Payouts relies on webhooks from PayPal to report the status changes of your Payout.  If you status isn’t updating, usually this means something has caused PayPal to quit sending webhooks to your site.  The most common cause would be deactivating the Payouts plugin and reactivating it again.  If your Payouts keep getting stuck in the Pending status, simply re-save your API credentials on the Payout settings screen (WC Vendors > Settings > Payments > Payouts), and that will re-register the API with PayPal.

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