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MarketShip can optionally send tracking status update emails for orders shipped via Shippo. Specifically, MarketShip has the ability to send two types of tracking update emails:

  • Shipment notifications – Sent to the customer when the tracking status of their order changes to “In Transit”.
  • Delivery confirmations – Sent to the customer when the tracking status of their order changes to “Delivered”.

Both of these emails are standard WooCommerce emails and can be toggled on/off and customized from the WooCommerce > Settings > Emails screen.

Please note that if Shipment notifications are enabled and MarketShip adds a tracking number to an order, the “tracking number added” email that is typically by Dokan, WC Vendors, and WCFM when a tracking number is added will not be sent.


Do these emails work for orders that are not shipped with Shippo?

No. These email notifications strictly work for orders with a shipping label purchased through Shippo in the vendor dashboard.

How is the order tracking status determined?

The order’s tracking status is determined using the Shippo Tracking Status API.

How frequently are order tracking statuses checked?

Tracking statuses are checked hourly starting from the time a label is first printed up until the time the order is delivered.

These emails are not being delivered on schedule. What can I do?

MarketShip’s tracking status update emails depend on Action Scheduler, and by default Action Scheduler uses the WP Cron system to run scheduled tasks. This means that if your website is not being actively accessed around the time a tracking status update email should be sent email delivery may be delayed. To avoid unnecessary delays we recommend that you setup an hourly cron job to run Action Scheduler via WP CLI.

Updated on September 6, 2021

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